General Questions

Yes, all Marquis vanities and shaving cabinets come with a lifetime warranty that we have been standing behind for over 40 years. We take our commitment to this guarantee very seriously and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding it. For more information visit

No every vanity is made to your custom order, starting the day after you have placed your order with your retailer.

No every vanity comes fully assembled and ready for install by your licensed tradesperson.

All of our cabinets and shavers are 100% Australian made in our factory in Taylors Beach, NSW.

No! Although the highest quality Australian moisture resistant board is used in the carcase and doors/drawers and we seal the exposed edges of the board with edge tape and paint, there is still no way to make a vanity fully waterproof. The best way to ensure your product lasts a lifetime is, if any water sprays or is spilled into or on the cabinet, simply wipe it off with a cloth so the moisture doesn’t have a chance to be absorbed by the timber.

Generally the answer is no as we begin construction on your custom vanity immediately after order but if you do need to make a change just contact your retailer and we will work with them to get you the best solution possible.

Materials questions

We use 2 pack polyurethane paint that can be colour matched to your specification and finished in gloss or matte texture. Polyurethane paint is a hard-wearing and highly-resistant coating used in industrial and architectural coating systems for steelwork, concrete, wood, and other substrates.

Symphony is a modified acrylic solid surface material that is composed of resins, polymers and natural materials. Its colour runs all the way through the top and it is a sanitary grade material, meaning it is safe for use in kitchens and wet areas. It is repairable and able to be cut with standard woodworking tools unlike stone products.

Dekton is a blend of raw and recycled materials that are subjected to extreme temperatures and pressures and then crafted into sheets of material used for benchtops and surfaces throughout the home, including the bathroom. This ultracompact surface is exceptionally hard, able to withstand 400 degrees centigrade without damage and has zero porosity making it perfect for bathroom applications. It is the material we recommend above all others for vanity top applications.

Caesarstone and Silestone are composite man made stone materials comprising 93% quartz which makes them incredibly hardwearing and resilient. They are excellent surfaces for kitchen benchtops, bathrooms and splashbacks and are available in a range of colours and textures. Quartz benchtops are fabricated from natural quartz one of the hardest minerals on Earth (hardness of 7), and small amounts of recycled glass and other materials to add colour and character and bound together with resins and polymers. This creates a non-porous highly resilient material which resists bacterial growth, stains and scratches and never needs to be sealed.

Our drawers are manufactured in Austria and all our hinge hardware is made in Italy, ensuring we give you the highest quality products.

Sales and Custom vanity questions

Yes, absolutely, we can manufacture vanities, shaving cabinets and mirrors to meet your needs and fulfil your design aspirations. These range from exact lengths to fit between walls to fully customized designs giving your bathroom a unique touch.

Yes, if you have a basin you’ve fallen in love with we can customize your vanity to suit your choice with ease. Make sure to have your basin specifications on hand when you meet with your showroom consultant . Please be aware that given the extra programming and machining requirements of using another suppliers basins the price will not reduce when using your own basins

Yes, most of our vanities have tops which can be drilled to 0, 1 or 3 tap holes and our basins can accommodate tap holes at 10 oclock, 12 oclock and 2 oclock or no tap holes for wall mounted taps.

Yes, simply remember to state your plumbing requirements at the time of purchase so we can allow for the waste pipe.

Yes, we sell all our tops separately to the cabinet simply ask your showroom consultant to enquire for you.

No, you can purchase a standard sized vanity and separate filler panels to complete the between walls look. (Note: only certain tops are suitable for this application, enquire in store.)

Yes you can select from the huge range of paint colours on offer from the Dulux colour range: ( along with a vast array of board colour options. Simply enquire in store at the time of purchase and be aware that in some cases additional charges may apply.

Yes we can customise your accompanying furniture to match the door profile, colour and handle or fingerpull options of your vanity to give your bathroom a harmonious design.

No, we do not supply plumbing fittings with our products. We are purely a cabinetmaking company and we like to leave the plumbing up to the professionals. Please talk to your showroom consultant or your licensed plumber about the best fittings for your bathroom.

Yes we can make left hand or right hand drawers simply state your preference when placing your order.

Timber and stone top vanities have a longer lead time due to the number of processes involved in cutting and polishing stone correctly or, in the case of timber tops, sealing them correctly so that they are water tight and have a perfect finish. We will always do our best to keep construction time to a minimum regardless of these factors.

Plug and waste pipe dimensions can be found on the tops and basins page of your brochure or contact Marquis office and one of our friendly consultants will be able to assist you.

Overflow rings are cosmetic dress rings that can be used to conceal the overflow pipe in some basins and also to match the tap and handle colour for a harmonious aesthetic. All Marquis overflow rings are standard 30mm diameter though they are not available on all products so please refer to your brochure for information on their availability.

Installation Questions

No your tradesperson only needs to locate the studs in the wall and screw bolts through the solid back and it will stay fixed to the wall for life.

The entire shapes range can be mounted either horizontally or vertically simply by ensuring the split batten is positioned correctly.

We recommend only a licensed tradesman who is experienced with bathroom construction be used to install our products. Products installed by an unlicensed person will not be covered by warranty in the event of an issue arising.