Green Manufacturing

Maintaining the integrity of our product and reducing our environmental impact has always been a primary focus throughout our growth.

As a manufacturer of processed timber furniture we are presented with certain environmental challenges. Marquis has adopted an Environmental Policy as a framework for overcoming these challenges and reaching our goal. Our aim is to be an industry leader in sustainable production and to continuously work to improve our processes to minimize our impact on the local and global environment. An Environmental Management Program has been implemented with a comprehensive framework for achieving the performance to which we aspire.

Since 2003 Marquis has regularly travelled to Europe to inspect major manufacturing plants and research technology which is at the cutting edge of efficiency and innovation. Selective and well researched acquisitions have resulted in the reduction of waste, production costs and manufacturing time.

Marquis’ contributions to waste reduction and clean manufacturing have been formally recognised in recent years through environmental awards presented by Port Stephens Council and the NSW Department of Environment Climate Change & Water.

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