Environmental Policy

Marquis is a manufacturer of processed timber furniture and as such presents certain environmental challenges. Our aim is to be an industry leader in sustainable production and to continuously work to improve our processes to minimize our impact on the local and global environment. To achieve this aim we will strive to incorporate environmental considerations into all business activities. The following principles provide a framework for achieving the performance to which we aspire.

We will strive to: 

• Continually improve our environmental management systems at all levels working towards the goal of zero impact on the environment 

• Comply with all legal and environmental requirements and focusing on those regarding air and water quality 

• Assess the impact we have on the environment at all levels from the local to the global scale and attempt to minimize any negative effects 

• Develop environmental objectives, targets and KPI’s and implement programs to achieve them 

• Implement programs to reduce emissions, use water, power and raw materials more efficiently 

• Manage waste effectively and where possible recycle 

• Protect and where appropriate improve the land we operate on 

• Train and increase environmental awareness amongst our employees 

• Monitor our environmental performance, audit the effectiveness of programs and report our performance to management and employees 

• Continually research new technology with potential to assist in reducing our environmental impact and improve efficiency 

Environmental protection is everyone’s responsibility and a condition of employment. Management is responsible for providing the resources to achieve these goals and for periodically reviewing all systems and programs. 

Paul Gray 
Managing Director – Marquis Bathroom Products Pty Ltd

Mediterranean Sanremo



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